Search Engine Optimization


So, you want to get to the top of search engines but don't know how? Everyone is talking about Search Engine Optimization or SEO and you know you need it. What's it worth? How do I do it?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the designing of a website using all of the known methods that produce good search engine rankings. So, how do you "Optimize" a website for the search engines? It all starts with the implementation of select keywords that best describes your pet business.

There are many factors in which search engines like Google and Yahoo take into consideration. We will develop your site to fit these standards ensuring the best possible rankings. It's a long list of do's and dont's starting at the selection of your domain name, using relevant keyword driven content and ending with the submission of your site to the search engines. Let us provide your pet business with our Search Engine Optimization services.



  • Search-Engine Friendly Coding
  • In-Depth SEO Implementation
  • Enhanced WordPress SEO
  • Mobile-Ready Development
  • Targeted Content Creation
  • Targeted Copywriting



1. Your Comprehensive Business Analysis

The very first step of our process is to take the time to truly understand your business and who your target customer is. Armed with this knowledge, we get to work studying the types of searches that customer makes and how to best attract those customers to your business online. This step is crucial and ensures that we don't attract poor or unqualified leads. If you are a pet sitter for example, we want to make sure that only people looking for pet sitters see your ads, not people looking to become pet sitters.

2. Your Competitive Landscape

We get to know your top competitors extremely well. We’ll study their tactics and get an understanding of how they’ve approached the marketplace so we can begin to position you for domination. We have a specific, conservative approach that allows us to quickly determine the best keywords to try to rank for organically with minimum cost from the client.

3. Measure Your Results

Every client gets results. We want you to grow your business after all. This is achieved through measuring everything – we mean everything. At the end of each month we analyze all your data and send you a nifty condensed report with the breakdown of what you spent and how many leads/sales were produced. Constant evaluation every month allows us to track performance and help you grow your business as you can't improve what you aren't measuring.