Terms of Service

Your payment for services at FPM Pet Websites, indicates your agreement with the terms outlined below. Please read carefully.


Our price quotes have a 30-day expiration before the start of a project. Any projects started after the 30-day period are subject to a re-quote. Projects begin upon payment of 1/2 of quoted design/development costs.

The Design Phase includes one full design concept with a reasonable amount of tweaking (up to 5 iterations), and one full additional concept in the rare occasion that the client is completely displeased with the first. Additional design work will incur additional hourly charge. Up to 5 iterations of design tweaking are allowed after Main Site Build is completed, within the limitations presented by a fully-built site. No full new concept can be introduced once the main site build is completed without a complete cost negotiation (at this point the client would be requesting the equivalent of a completely new website design/build).

Final balance is invoiced at the completion of the Main Site Build portion of the project, which is indicated by a functional website having been built at a live or development hosting area. Insertion of text and images, installation of special features, SEO, and other project items will continue after this final payment. Payment terms are net 15.

Projects that continue beyond 60 days from deposit date, due to client delays, are subject to cost increases, to be determined by Atticus Pet Design Studio, LLC, based on current market rates in place for remaining tasks.


Atticus Pet Design Studio, LLC, provides SEO services custom-tailored for each project. While SEO is very helpful for giving websites the best tools to attract online searches, none of these efforts come with any guarantee for clients that don't utilize our individual SEO packages. Atticus Pet Design Studio, LLC will not be held responsible for search engine rankings, search outcomes, or other items that are beyond our control.


We take pride in offering professional, high quality services. While we make every effort possible to ensure this level of quality, we cannot control every variable. It is the client's responsibility to provide clear direction, and to test the functionality of our products in full. If any problems are found, please report them to us immediately, so that we can correct them as quickly as possible. Atticus Pet Design Studio, LLC will not be held responsible for any perceived loss of revenue, under any circumstances. Problems found that are a result of client misuse/error within the site, or from faulty content or software may incur additional charges for correction.


Once completed, the client is the sole owner of the website, and all materials can be used and modified, and/or moved to a different hosting company or server. The client does not have the right, however, to resell this material for profit. All copyrighted text and images are used at the sole risk of the client. FPM Pet Websites, will bear no responsibility for any copyright infringement presented in these materials.


Both parties have the option to terminate a project at any time. In the event of a project termination, the client will be responsible for the amount of work completed. FPM Pet Websites will evaluate the completion of the various aspects of the project, and provide a written report, followed by either an invoice for remaining costs or a refund for unused deposit funds, depending on the evaluation. FPM Pet Websites reserves the right to refuse service with any client for any reason.


FPM Pet Websites reserves the right to change these terms of service at any time for any reason.


You shall defend, indemnify and hold FPM Pet Websites harmless from and against any and all claims and expenses, including reasonable attorneys' fees, arising out of or related in any way to your use of FPM Pet Websites


The Client agrees to supply for free, in addition to fees for service, any number up to 10 of printed samples of every item produced for "The Client" by "FPM Pet Websites" during the course of this project (quantity to be specified by us). "The Client" also agrees to allow a small credit with a link to the front page at fpmpetwebsites.com on the footer of any/all pages designed by FPM Pet Websites. Removal of this credit constitutes a breach of these terms and conditions and is subject to legal action.

"The Client" also agrees to allow FPM Pet Websites to showcase any/all work created in the course of a project as part of FPM Pet Website's portfolio. FPM Pet Websites acknowledges the confidential nature of projects and agrees to only display project work once product/site has been publicly launched/commences.